LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

Platinum Sponsors

Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities

The goal of LinuxFest Northwest is to bring together fun, smart, open minds in the community. People learn, teach and share. LinuxFest Northwest is a free and open community event. Anyone can attend the Fest presentations and exhibits at no charge.

Sponsors provide LinuxFest Northwest with the support needed to put on such an event, while keeping free admission.

Why sponsor?

Sponsors and Exhibitors benefit directly from Free/Open Source Software and its strong community. They help build and maintain a strong community, resulting in better software. LinuxFest Northwest is run completely by volunteers. While we are fortunate to have a venue sponsored by Bellingham Technical College, there are other costs associated with the event. Sponsors and Exhibitors gain valuable, low key access to top technical talent, and national exposure to FOSS-related markets. Several leading firms have found LFNW to be a good place to recruit.

Where are the exhibit tables?

Based on a variety of feedback and an intention to simplify the Fest, sponsorships and exhibits have been combined. In essence, exhibitors have always been sponsors. This year we're making that formal. Rather than having separate, often confusing sign-up processes, there is now only one. 

There are only SIX (6) 10' Spaces available this year. When we run out, we run out! There is also a limited number of 6' tables, to be shared between Silver sponsors and .Org groups.

Approved .ORG groups can still have a free 6' table and will be shown as community sponsors.

.ORG, Media and other sponsorship opportunities

  • .ORG groups can fill out the following form to request an exhibit booth.
  • Media sponsors should Contact Us regarding marketing, link sharing, ads, etc.
  • If you're interested in donating items for the World Famous Raffle, please contact Bill Wright directly.

Sponsorship Tiers