LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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How To Be More Elite

A Linux machine is a powerful computing platform. While many of us are adept users, there are hundreds of tricks that can speed up repetitive tasks; I'll cover 42 of them. With a little knowledge, you can copy large files quickly with nothing more than tar and netcat, use git (and github or bitbucket) to synchronize your dotfiles across many machines, or spin up a temporary webserver to share a file with a new friend in South Africa. With a little direction, you can easily learn to map your local network, push it to its full potential, make your shell do some heavy lifting, customize your environment, edit text like a pro, version control your environment, and get to know your system a whole lot better.

I'll demonstrate all of the following tools: ssh, scp, sinatra, nmap, wireshark, netcat, tar, ngrep, ettercap, arping, screen/tmux, git, bash, vim, and python.

About Benson

Benson has been using Linux since he was in high school, and has used it as his primary desktop operating system since he was a freshman at WWU in 2002. He's partial to Gentoo, but has been running Ubuntu in recent years. After graduating from WWU, he spent several years working for Pacific Northwest National Lab writing code for all manner of projects, both scientific and otherwise. Bored with the life of a government code monkey, he took off on a year-long bike trip with his girlfriend Ashleigh. Following the bike trip, he did a brief stint as a Ruby on Rails / Linux sysadmin contractor, before settling on a job as a Django programmer at a Seattle cleantech startup called Energy Savvy. He loves taking things apart to find out how they work, and putting things together in new and innovative ways. He's dabbled in a variety of programming, from arduino microcontrollers up to Cray XMTs, but in the end he's most comfortable scripting in dynamic languages like Ruby and Python.


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Presentation notes available?

This looks like a great presentation. It is one of the top two sessions for me in the entire fest, the other being Linux Performance Analysis, and - of course, thanks to Murphy - they are both in the same time slot.

So my question is - do you happen or planning to have the information from this presentation captured & distributed in some form - a slideshow, video/audio recording, pdf? Would be really, really awesome, even if it's just in form of a text file with notes...


Presentation Notes

Yes, I will publish my slides along with some rambling notes.  Mostly you'll just miss out on demos and my brief explanations.  The session will be a very rapid-fire style, because I have a whole lot of material to get through.  My hope is that this will keep it interesting for people, and then if there's anything someone wants details on they can refer to the notes after the talk is over. 

Thank you!

Thank you much for the notes! They gave me the kick to start using screen, which I have been meaning to do for the longest time...