LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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jQuery Tips and Tricks

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If you use jQuery for web development you may encounter some bumps along the way. Save hours searching Internet forums and speed up development time with some basic tips and tricks for:

  • dependent lookups;
  • custom select dropdown options;
  • autocomplete text fields;
  • set value of hidden fields;
  • how to speed up web page loading.


For each of the bullet points, I will go through the basic well-documented approach, show why it does not work, then show the solution. Attendees will see the code and the webpage.

Git Deep: A deep dive into Git, an open source VCS

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This two hour talk will be a deep dive into using git.  We'll start with the basics, led by example, and move on to more interesting and advanced usage topics.  All topics will be accompanied by example.  Audience participation is desired and can help drive the direction of the talk.

There will be two presenters, Jesse Keating and Adam Monsen. If we can't answer a question between the two of us, you win a cake*.


* The cake is a lie.

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