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Computer Security

Penetration Testing at the Speed of Metasploit

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Your boss corners you at the coffee pot and says, "Did you see the news? Our competition got hacked into and company secrets were stolen. I want you to test our networks and report back to me on how safe they are." Because of the pressure of regulatory compliance and increasing activity by cyber-criminals, many organizations are turning to penetration testing. 

Penetration testing goes beyond a vulnerability assessment by exploiting vulnerabilities to learn how an a bad actor may get access to key systems and confidential files.

Man in the Middle - DIY Security and Privacy

Learn to eavesdrop on your own devices for fun and profit! For most of us our lives continue to be inundated with an increasing number of devices. These devices include laptops, smart phones, tablets, game consoles, network attached storage devices, streaming media boxes, smart televisions and more. It has become difficult to buy a a gadget that does not connect to the Internet. What are these devices communicating about us and our lives?

Revvy - Are your programs out of date?

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In winter of 2011, while performing penetration tests, I found myself spending a lot of time checking service versions from NMAP scans, and checking if the programs were out of date. I collaborated with a friend and fellow student. We started writing a tool that will pull the current version of the program and compare it to the program installed.

We currently have a beta that works with about 20 of the most common FTP servers, and about 10 client FTP daemons. Next on the list will be various SQL server version databases. Revvy is written in Python and Bash

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