LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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2 Hour (1:50)

Plasma Active/Vivaldi tablet - truly open OS for mobile devices

Plasma Active is the latest Workspace from the KDE Community, intended for tablets and other mobile devices. The user interface is designed for people on the move whose engage in different activities at different times and places. This session features a tour of the new Vivaldi, the first truly open source tablet.

Game Den


There will be a free-form session for LAN party style gaming network. The Game Den will show how far games and (open-source) game development on Linux has progressed. Action on wired network, ad-hoc and static game servers.

Lots of Non-networked open source games too. All ages and skill levels.

Take a break from heavy Fest tech. Join in the Game Den fun. your eye/hand coordination what it should be?

Leave suggestions as comments.


The Tutorium is for people who are new to the products, services and ideas at LinuxFest Northwest. In the Tutorium, you can learn how to do common computing tasks with Linux and open source software. You can ask questions, try out open source applications, and even get help loading Linux and other free software on your own computer. The Tutorium volunteers are experienced with various aspects of Linux and open source applications. They are eager to share their experience and enthusiasm.

Linux Made Easy

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During this 2 hour session learn how to install and get on the internet using MINT Linux. MINT is a new easy to use distribution and you will learn how to install, configure updates and security.  Durning the 2nd half, you can learn how to configure your system to be a web server or do other services.

The presenter will provide bootable optical media for installation, bring your old laptop and give it new life!  All attendees are invited to practice on their own systems while Steven does a live install.

Deploying an IaaS cloud with CloudStack

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CloudStack, an open source infrastructure as a service platform is used to power the public cloud offerings behind GoDaddy, Ninefold, and ~30 other service providers as well as providing the private cloud infrastructure for scores of folks like and Zynga. We'll illustrate deploying a CloudStack cloud - talk about considerations such as networking, storage, isolation, redundancy, as well as getting things up and running. You'll need some familiarity with open source hypervisors such as Xen/XCP and KVM as well as being comfortable with the Linux command line. 

Centralized Logging: Distilling Information from Data

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Devices on your network are logging a wealth of potentially useful data, but too often it's distributed and not readily accessible. This talk shows you what's involved in setting up a central loghost to aggregate and effectively utilize that data. It details how to set up syslog-ng and Simple Event Correlator (SEC) to collect and reduce log messages in real-time, turning them into actionable information that can enable quick responses to urgent issues, reveal problems you didn't know you had, and give you a better feel for what's happening on your systems.

Git Deep: A deep dive into Git, an open source VCS

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This two hour talk will be a deep dive into using git.  We'll start with the basics, led by example, and move on to more interesting and advanced usage topics.  All topics will be accompanied by example.  Audience participation is desired and can help drive the direction of the talk.

There will be two presenters, Jesse Keating and Adam Monsen. If we can't answer a question between the two of us, you win a cake*.


* The cake is a lie.

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